June 2015

Just home from an amazing few days up at Looe Lugger Regatta. Lots of photos and the full story on our Facebook page!

23 Kensa and her sisters

December 2014

We’re delighted to be featured in the latest issue of Water Craft (November/December 2014), with Kensa as the cover girl! Earlier in the year we went out fishing with Nigel Sharp, who’s written a lovely article about us and got some fantastic photos too. There’s also an article by us about designing and building Kensa. You can click here to find your nearest stockist or order a copy, plus look out for more of our articles in the next two issues!

Watercraft front cover

July 2014

We’re happy to say we’re back in the water and fishing again. Kensa’s going beautifully and we’ve been trying our nets out as well as handlining so we hope to provide our customers with more variety of species this year. We’ve already had some lovely John Dory and plaice in our nets so far, plus some good sized pollock, mackerel and one elusive bass on the handlines so here’s hoping for many more of the same.

Just a quick note to let you all know we won’t be doing fish rounds this year; we need the time for fishing! However, we really want to be able to let customers know when we have fish to sell and to get it to them as quickly and freshly as possible. So this year we’re going to try sending round messages via Facebook, email and text when we have fish to sell. Customers can reply if they’d like to buy fish and we will then arrange to meet you or deliver your order once we’re ashore. If you’d like to join this list of customers, please contact us letting us know whether you would prefer to be contacted via Facebook, email or text.

We also welcome orders, whether on a weekly or one-off basis; give us a shout and we will happily fish to order. All we ask is that you remember that fishing is often unpredictable and highly dependent on weather and tide conditions, particularly when you’re fishing under sail and oar. We can’t make any guarantees other than that the fish we catch and sell is about as fresh and local as you’ll find! All our fish is gutted and iced at sea. We can also prepare and fillet your fish if you wish.

January 2014

Happy New Year to all our lovely customers and to everyone who has supported us so very well in 2013! We’re having a bit of a break from fishing while the weather is poor and have taken the opportunity to get Kensa out of the water and smartened up ready for spring. There’s a bit of painting to be done and a few little modifications planned that should make our lives a lot easier next season. And no, we’re not installing an enormous engine…

We are really looking forward to starting fishing this year with a lot more experience under our belts. The time we spent getting to know our boat and our fishing grounds last year will make a huge difference and enable us to expand our fishing methods. We hope to be able to offer a wider variety of species this year and of course improve our catches! That said, I’m sure 2014 will be prove to be another big learning curve and it wouldn’t be much fun if it wasn’t. Here’s to this summer being as sunny and long as the last one!

August 2013

We’ve been fishing and selling our catch for two months now and we’re so happy to have lots of lovely customers buying our fish and sending us pictures of yummy looking dishes and recipe ideas. We’ve been proud to have our fish on the menu at the Atlantic Fryer, The Plume of Feathers, The Royal Standard, The Watch House and the Hidden Hut. Landing to the last two directly by boat has been great and exactly what we hoped to do when we started out.

The glorious weather we’ve had throughout July has been good to us, although at the end of the second week of being becalmed and rowing we felt ready to enter some kind of international shot put event. We’ve also had a few days of strong easterly winds which have meant moving Kensa round to Percuil for some of the time. Still, despite that, we’ve had some really good days with decent catches of mackerel and pollock. And excitingly, we’ve also started catching bass.

We can’t always guarantee the size and quantity of our catch. Sometimes the weather and the tides are in our favour, sometimes they’re not. If the wind dies when we’re out, a half hour sail can easily turn into two hours of rowing. Kensa’s a small boat and weather forecasts are not infallible; if conditions worsen while we’re out we may have to stop fishing and head in early. And if the weather’s bad we can’t go out at all. So on good days we’ve had hundreds of mackerel and on bad days we would have been better off naming them and selling them as pets.

What we can guarantee is that the fish we have is very local and very fresh. Our fish goes straight into ice when we catch it and is gutted at sea. We then re-ice our catch when we land it. If we’re fishing in the morning, we sell our catch the same day. If we are fishing in the afternoon or evening, our fish goes straight into our dedicated fridge on ice overnight, ready to sell to you the next day. We will not sell old fish.


  • From us on Facebook and Twitter. We post an update saying we’re on our way in with our catch, you drop us a message to reserve your fish. We’ll either deliver or arrange to meet you.
  • From us on our rounds on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. If we have sold out or have not been able to get out fishing we will let you know on Facebook and Twitter. If you don’t want fish, don’t worry! Times will depend on tide.
  • From us at the Plume of Feathers on Thursdays from 5-7pm. It’s the perfect excuse for a pint!
  • From one of the pubs and restaurants we supply.

You’re also very welcome to contact us with an order; if we can we will fulfil it and if we can’t we’ll tell you. We know it’s not always easy to have cash round here, so we are happy for our regular customers to pay via online transfer or cheque with monthly emailed invoices.

July 2013

No rounds this week as we’re fishing for the Portscatho Fish Festival this Saturday!! Events start off in the harbour at midday and we’ll be joining other local boats to sell our fish from the quay. Live music, delicious seafood, crabbing competition and wild food foraging – should be a great day so hope to see you there!