We fish under sail and oar in Gerrans Bay and Falmouth Bay using traditional handlines and large mesh gill nets. We target mackerel, bass and pollock but also hope to supply our customers with flat fish such as plaice and sole when the conditions allow us to set our nets.

On the days we have fish to sell we notify our customers via Facebook, text or email when we are on our way home with our catch. Customers can respond if they would like to buy fish and we will then arrange to meet you or deliver your order once we are ashore. If you would like to join this list of customers, please contact us letting us know whether you would prefer to be contacted via Facebook, email or text.

We also welcome orders, whether on a weekly or one-off basis; give us a shout and we will happily fish to order. All we ask is that you remember that fishing is often unpredictable and highly dependent on weather and tide conditions, particularly when you’re fishing under sail and oar. We can’t make any guarantees other than that the fish we get is about as fresh and local as you’ll find! All our fish is gutted and iced at sea. We can also prepare and fillet your fish if you wish.

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